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Walnut Perpetual Plaque

Walnut Perpetual Plaque
Item# APT12C
Header Plate Engraving - Line 1: Header Plate Engraving - Line 2: Header Plate Engraving - Line 3: Small Plate 1: Small Plate 2: Small Plate 3: Small Plate 4: Small Plate 5: Small Plate 6: Small Plate 7: Small Plate 8: Small Plate 9: Small Plate 10: Small Plate 11: Small Plate 12:

Product Description

This hand rubbed walnut perpetual plaque is a great centerpiece for your corporate lobby. These perpetual plaques are great for "Employees of the Month" or other recognition categories. They feature a large header plate for your company name, title and year along with 12 individual plates. Have the entire plaque created at once, or just have the header plate engraved when ordering.